This is mostly just to remind me to stop being an idiot when I know better.

Every time I come back to do a blog post for the past few months I realize that my Mark I password database has failed. Now the Mark I is the oldest and least reliable of all the password databases it is the “I will just remember it” method. It tend to last about 30 minutes before corrupting unless accessed often.

I could go with the Mark II database, but lets face it I lose the post-it notes even faster and it makes the admin in me scream about stupidity and security.

For a long time I went with my Mark III store. That was a gpg encrypted plaintext file stored on a USB stick. This was fantastic when I had the USB handy and was willing to take the time to enter the data. It fell down completely if I wanted to view the file on my windows gaming machine though so slowly goes stale.

My Mark IV is using the program It is very similar to , I just happened to come across it first when looking. I love it for web page authentication it works like a champ and is easy to use, but for non-web page authentication well it is just a manual entry database.

So that is current state of my password stores. I am on lookout for a Mark V that can handle the web authentication as seamlessly as Keeper but also handles SSH and other authentication methods fluidly.